Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber came to the attention of marketing executive Scooter Braun when he accidentally clicked on one of his YouTube videos. Braun was so impressed that he signed him to the Raymond Braun Media Group with co-founder Usher. Bieber has gone on to become one of the most powerful pop stars of recent times with many albums under his belt at a very young age.


Justin Bieber Biography


'One Time' (2009)

'One less Lonely Girl' (2009)

'Baby' (2010)

'Eenie Meenie' (2010)

'Somebody To Love' (2010)

'U Smile' (2010)

'Never Say Never' (2010)

'Boyfriend' (2012)

'As Long As You Love Me' (2012)

'Beauty And A Beat' (2012)

'Right Here' (2013)

'All Around The World' (2013)

'Heartbreaker' (2013)

'All That Matters' (2013)

'Confident' (2013)


'My World 2.0' (2010)

'Under The Mistletoe' (2011)

'Believe' (2012)

'Journals' (2013)

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