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Highway To Hell


A Facebook campaign aims to get AC/DC's 1979 hit 'Highway To Hell' back in to the top ten for Christmas.

Peak position: 10
First charted: 15th December 2013

The drive to get AC/DC to Christmas No. 1 has been started to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band.

Despite a 40 year history, the Aussie rockers have never had a top ten hit in the UK.

'Highway To Hell' is one of their best known hits but when it was first released over 30 years ago, it only charted at No. 40.

Can AC/DC follow in the footsteps of Rage Against The Machine and score a Christmas No. 1 all thanks to Facebook?

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Recent comments

  1. "NO MORE X factor being xmas no number one epic song by ac/dc is awesome it should of been xmas no 1 "

    Posted by Samantha on Thursday, 26 December 2013 23:33

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  2. "What do I think about Highway to Hell? Bloody wonderful, great band (you hear that Cowell, a BAND. People who play musical instruments)"

    Posted by Sue on Sunday, 22 December 2013 19:33

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  3. "for COPEY, so you are aware.. Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Childrens Therapy Room, the SARS Benefit concert, Make a Wish Foundation, Austin Hatcher Pediatric Cancer Foundation, add that to the numerous personal charities they are involved in. Besides who will remember Sam Bailly in 40 years, when we will still be singing and playing air guitar to Highway to Hell.. happy Yule dude!!"

    Posted by Gordon on Sunday, 22 December 2013 17:43

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  4. "For COPEY, so you are aware members of AC/DC regularly donate to charity. Because it's not splashed all over the media and an easy way to be No 1, shows integrity. Perhaps the Sarasota Memorial Hospitals childrens therapy ward, the SARS foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, Austin Hatcher Pediatric Cancer Foundation... etc etc, might disagree with you."

    Posted by Gordon on Sunday, 22 December 2013 17:17

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  5. "Acdc all the way. For those who claim christmas is a christian holiday please go read a bit of history. Its a pagan holiday anyone who says different. Please quote me were its mentioned in the bible. Infact quote were in the bible were any current christian holidays are mentioned in the bible. They arent they are all pagan."

    Posted by michael mckeown on Sunday, 22 December 2013 15:18

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  6. "It will make a change to hear a decent track in the chart, sick of all the manufactured garbage!"

    Posted by Kitty on Sunday, 22 December 2013 14:10

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  7. "AC/DC.....the last great rock n roll band I suspect we'll ever have....200 million record sales without all that x factor bulls..t....talent and none of that celebrity adoration to get there band!!!....happy xmas guys "

    Posted by al on Sunday, 22 December 2013 14:08

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  8. "In reply to Copey's comment about how much will go to charity? PROBABLY ALL OF IT! "

    Posted by Bobbinio on Sunday, 22 December 2013 13:51

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  9. " come on real music fans and join the campaign to wipe the smile off cowells smug face! ac/dc for xmas no.1"

    Posted by silverfox on Sunday, 22 December 2013 12:44

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  10. "Fed up with x-factor and pop music in general following which ever sound is making the most money! About time rock hit the charts once again ! So let's get acdc there ! Real music for a real Christmas !"

    Posted by Dan on Sunday, 22 December 2013 09:59

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