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Did Bieber mime on the X Factor?


Has the teen star lost his Bieber fever? Don't get us wrong, we think his performance on Sunday night's X Factor was amazing... but, was he singing all the words live?

Justin did have to pull off some pretty impressive Jacko-style moves, so fair enough, may be the odd line was pre-record?  Or may be not...

What do you think?  Watch Biebz performance and let us know what you think below...

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  1. "----------------------- "

    Posted by Saibrarig on Sunday, 24 November 2013 00:41

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    Posted by Saibrarig on Saturday, 23 November 2013 22:13

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    Posted by Saibrarig on Saturday, 23 November 2013 19:30

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    Posted by Saibrarig on Friday, 22 November 2013 02:09

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    Posted by Saibrarig on Thursday, 21 November 2013 23:13

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    Posted by Saibrarig on Thursday, 21 November 2013 17:18

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  7. "he did mime in somebody to love but didnt in baby, you can hear the voice change. hes an amazing singer and role model either way"

    Posted by Sammy on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 16:47

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  8. "OMB justin bieber did not mime on x factor he's gorgeouss !! And he diddnt mime on this is justin bieber either xxx iloveyou justin x"

    Posted by coralbieber on Friday, 23 December 2011 08:19

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  9. "Justin is alrite lookin, but id rather Nathan From the Wanted.:D"

    Posted by chloexx on Sunday, 7 August 2011 19:26

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  10. "yupp kinda obvo he mime but people are goin on like its a crime half the singers do that and he did it on one of his shows..anywayy i love youu justin let the haters hate people gonna talk wether your doin good or dont forget you have many fans that love you and always will..i was your fan from the first video i saw and i'll be a fan till the last LOVEE YOUU JUSTIIN BIEBER NUFF'LOVEE <3 xx"

    Posted by biebers'shawty on Monday, 30 May 2011 15:43

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