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Justin Bieber's biggest fan?


When Justin sang "baby baby baby", he was almost right… turns out his biggest fan is just 3 years old.

Little Cody is such a big Justin Bieber fan, she loves him so much that it makes her sad ...really sad, she just wants to see him every day.

Luckily her mum caught it all on camera and shared it with the world, you've got to watch to the end, we love the bit where Cody think Justin might be on the phone for her.

Take a look at Cody's video and let us know what you think below...


Joe McElderryJoe's looking gawjus

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  1. "i seriously luv this guy drew justin beiber i no everything about him mu phone casing is justin beiber i have his shirts my mugs too have his face my bed sheet i hace posters pn my wall of him "

    Posted by betty lee on Tuesday, 29 April 2014 00:39

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  2. "he is a lovely and mystery boy that only the fans can understand him(I only write about Justin)"

    Posted by sara on Friday, 10 January 2014 07:36

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  3. "Firstly when I saw him in concert I had a panics attack. I know everything about him. His address, clothes size, blood type, gave food, family. For his birthday I wrote him pages and pages, I made him a fan video. I tweet about him over 100 times everyday. I have his clothes and items. I watch nearly every interview and know his unrealised songs and covers. I voted for him 75 times once."

    Posted by Ellie on Sunday, 19 August 2012 21:01

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  4. "I love Justin makes me sad to think I will probably never see him in concert considering my family can't afford tickets in the attic of one of his concerts...but I still love him and when I think I about goin to a concert I cry!! But I've seen all of his concerts online I just pretend like I'm there...:D I love Justin "

    Posted by Katielemire on Sunday, 13 November 2011 02:27

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  5. "i love justin bieber because he is really fit and i love him "

    Posted by bieberfever2001 on Sunday, 30 October 2011 16:09

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  6. "justin bieber is soooooooooooooooooooo cute and i need to meet him or i will never be happy ever again.he is soooooooooooo hot and i cant stop listening to his songs.i might not be a bigger fan than cody but i think im his second biggest fan."

    Posted by roisin murphy on Thursday, 4 August 2011 17:45

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  7. "because he always cheers me up and i know almost everthing about him even my friened ria is a big fan of justin bieber no one elas in are school likes justin bieber and he sepots me soooooo much !!!!!!!!!"

    Posted by genesis on Saturday, 11 June 2011 22:08

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  8. "i love justin bieber i am his number one biggest fan all i think about justin i am crazy about him he is cute sexy i cry for justin I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER "

    Posted by helen on Thursday, 17 March 2011 11:45

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  9. "ive been crying for 2days over justin bieber:| and im 13 so that must make me his biggest fan too :'("

    Posted by rissadorexoxo on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 20:35

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  10. "i think im his biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Posted by punky on Saturday, 9 October 2010 22:55

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