5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (19th February 2017)

In a week where Ed Sheeran knocked himself off the top spot with his latest song, we've got a whole new list of future hits.

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Time for you to refresh your music library with all those songs that you HAVE to brag about knowing before all your mates find out about them. 

Discover our entire archive of songs you might not know but should really be listening to!

There's no time to waste when it comes to new music so let's just get down to it today.

Lana Del Rey - 'Love'

Upon the release of 'Love', Lana revealed, "I made my first four albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed". Wherever she's heading, we are SO on board.

Download 'Love' by Lana Del Rey now.

Nathan Ball - 'Cold Hands'

We're getting so many Ben Howard vibes from Nathan Ball's new chilled-out masterpiece, so it doesn't surprise us that we've featured the Londoner once again!

Download 'Cold Hands' by Nathan Ball now.

ARY  - 'Childhood Dreams'

ARY's infectious tune 'Childhood Dreams' actually incorporates the pitched down chants of an indigenous Russian witch group...now tell me you don't want to press play on that button just to find out what it's all about.

Download ARY's 'Childhood Dreams' now.

James Hersey - 'Everybody's Talking'

The singer songwriter from Wien revealed on his Facebook page that "this song is about our false sense of entitlement to judge the lives of others."

Download James Hersey's 'Everyone's Talking' now.

Bebe Rexha - 'Gateway Drug'

You've heard her on Martin Garrix's 'In The Name Of Love' and now it is time to fall in love with Bebe's voice all over again. 'Gateway Drug' is taken from Bebe's new EP 'All Your Fault Pt. 1'.

Download Bebe Rexha's 'Gateway Drug' now.