5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (9th January 2017)

In a week where Ed Sheeran grabbed the No.1 spot, we're here to give you some potential future chart toppers!

Kehlani Press Image 2017

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If there were 5 songs you'd have to keep your eye on early on in 2017, it would be these. Get that 'add to playlist' button at the ready because these new tunes are about to rock your world.

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Time to discover some incredible new music right here.

Alista Marq - 'Kid Again'

There's a new type of rap music around these days. Gone are the days of clunky beats and hard knock lyrics and here are the days of a dreamy fusion of rap, rock and pop. Alista Marq's 'Kid Again' has strong guitar riffs and melodic rap all thrown together in a little masterpiece.

Download Alista Marq's 'Kid Again' now.

Harlea - 'You Don't Get It'

Well this just oozes pure coolness doesn't it. The guitar wielding Harlea has arrived to take you back in time with this psychedelic-rock number. If you need to listen to just one song today, make it 'You Don't Get It'. 

Download 'You Don't Get It' by Harlea now.

Snakehips & MØ  - 'Don't Leave'

Two 2016 chart main-stays have joined forces for a single of epic dance proportions. Just when you thought Snakehips couldn't 1UP their own 'Cruel' and 'All My Friends', they go and pull this one out of the bag.

Download Snakehips' 'Don't Leave' now.

Kehlani - 'Undercover'

Kehlani might not have appeared on the Vodafone Big Top 40 before, but she's got a HUGE online following and when she's producing songs as catchy as 'Undercover', we can only see incredible things for her in the future.

Download Kehlani's 'Undercover' now.

Wiley - 'Speaker Box'

The grime general Wiley has upped his game once again in 2017 with this BIG tune. With a dirty beat and Wiley spitting bars the way only he can, it's a must-listen.

Download Wiley's 'Speaker Box' now.