6 Songs You Might Not Know About, But Should! (2nd August 2015)

Discover some brand new music you might not have heard yet featuring Galantis and new indie rocker Lawrence Taylor.

Galantis Peanut Butter Jelly

We get it, sometimes you don't have time to find out about ALL the songs you should be checking out. So we thought we'd make your life a LOT easier and put all those budding future hits in one sweet playlist for you.

Check out the brand new entries from this week's Vodafone Big Top 40  

So sit back, click play and of course...enjoy!

Galantis - 'Peanut Butter Jelly' 

Their breakthrough single 'Runaway (U&I)' just notched up their 13th week in the Vodafone Big Top 40 at No.21. And now it looks like the Swedish production duo are back for more with 'Peanut Butter Jelly'.

HomeTown - 'Where I Belong'

They have already made a huge splash in Ireland and we're pretty sure it won't be long until they start making their mark on the rest of the world. Louis Walsh put these six boys together and for that we are thankful!

Frankie - 'New Obsession' 

Fan of pop music with a little attitude? Well you may have just found your...new obsession (song title pun #SorryNotSorry). L.A based artist Frankie has just made your day 110% better, you're welcome.

Lil Dicky feat. Snoop Dogg - 'Professional Rapper'

Lil Dicky is changing the formula of rap music and his collaboration with Snoop Dogg is one way to begin.

James Hersey - 'Coming Over' (Filous Remix)

Austrian singer/songwriter James Hersey has teamed up with fellow countryman Filous to bring us one hell of a remix. You'll be singing along with this jam in no time #FACT.

Lawrence Taylor - 'Bang Bang' 

Talented guitarists are sprouting up every where this year. James Bay's rise to stardom is a clear example and now there are even more following in his footsteps. London singer/songwriter Lawrence Taylor is one of them...wow.