5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (24th January 2016)

Here's a roundup of new songs you might not know about but definitely should as we move into the last week of January.

Travis Mills Twitter Photo

It is so difficult to keep track of all the new music these days. But don't worry, because we have rounded up five of the best singles you really need to add to your playlists straight away.

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So sit back, click play and of course...enjoy!

The Rubens - 'Hoops'

You may have heard this week that Australian radio station Triple J revealed their Hottest 100 of 2016 and this single by The Rubens topped it beating the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Major Lazer.

Sketchy Bongo X Shekhinah - 'Let You Know'

South African DJ and producer Sketchy Bongo has teamed up with fellow SA vocalist Shekhinah for a catchy dance tune ready to get you up on your feet for a round of dancing.

Travis Mills - 'Don't Need Much'

He's the freshest new talent straight out of California, please welcome Travis Mills to your life. The 26 year old rapper brings us his first major label release 'Don't Need Much'.

Boy Kiss Girl - 'Ocean'

We have another Armada music release! The last time we saw one of these tracks in the Vodafone Big Top 40 it was at No.1 in the form of Lost Frequencies' 'Are You With Me'. Expect big things people!

Cold Chilling Collective feat. Buster Moe - 'Insane In The Brain'

It was only a matter of time until someone sampled Cypress Hill's 'Insane In The Brain' and it turns out it was 'Cold Chilling Compton', a new project that pay homage to and cover music that made West Coast hip hop what it is known by today. The rapper is newcomer Buster Moe!