5 Songs You Might Not Know About, But Should! (19th July 2015)

Be in the know and check out these incredible songs from the likes of Honne, Conrad Sewell and Jamie Lawson.

Conrad Sewell Press

We get it, sometimes you don't have time to find out about ALL the songs you should be checking out. So we thought we'd make your life a LOT easier and put all those budding future hits in one sweet playlist for you.

Check out the brand new entries from this week's Vodafone Big Top 40

So sit back, click play and of course...enjoy!

Conrad Sewell - 'Hold Me Up' 

You may have heard his voice in Kygo's breakthrough hit 'Firestone' (which has currently spent EIGHTEEN weeks in the chart!). Conrad Sewell is back with his first solo single 'Hold Me Up', an anthemic track to help lift you up and put a smile on your face. 

Jamie Lawson - 'I Wasn't Expecting That' 

Jamie is Ed Sheeran's first singing to his new 'Gingerbread' label and we couldn't be more pleased for the singer/songwriter from Plymouth. The song was initially released all the way back in 2005 however only now is it getting the attention it deserves, bravo Jamie.

Honne - 'Top To Toe' 

Taken from their latest EP 'Coastal Love', Honne present us with 'Top To Toe', a hypnotic tune with soulful vocals, a underlying piano trill and one of those beats you'll be slowly nodding your head to whilst pretending to be working in the office.

Sjowgren - 'Seventeen' 

We have a confession to make...we're finding it hard to pin down exactly who Sjowgren are but what we know at this point is they're an exciting trio who have charmed us with the über catchy single 'Seventeen' and we want YOU to listen to it right now.

Elliot Moss - 'Slip' 

It's hard to not compare multi-instrumentalist Elliot Moss to James Blake but let's all admit, that's hardly a bad thing. The 21 year old New Yorker released his debut album 'Highspeeds' earlier in the month, with 'Slip' catching our eye in particular.