5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (26th June 2016)

As we close out June 2016 with Kungs at No.1, we have a look at some of the songs that have future hit written all over them.

PYOR Broke My Rules Cover Art

Online Exclusive

New music is one of those things here at the Vodafone Big Top 40 that we can't stop thinking about. Discovering the hottest tracks that are not yet discovered it something we should all be doing! But for now, here is an awesome playlist of tracks for you this week...

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PYOR - 'Broke My Rules'

Good music pours out from literally every corner of the world and this week we look to Latvia for this slice of funky electronic heaven. PYOR is a young solo songstress ready to take on the world!

Troye Sivian feat. Alessia Cara - 'WILD'

We've all heard Troye's original version of 'WILD' however he's just turned the pop dial up to 11 after hiring in help from fellow teen sensation Alessia Cara.

The Magician - 'SHY'

Stephen Fassano, a.k.a The Magician has teamed up with future-funk maestro Brayton Bowman for a catchy Summer tune ready to embed itself into your brain until you download it. 

Fifth Harmony & Fetty Wap - 'All In My Head (Flex)'

Fifth Harmony and Fetty Wap...together...on a single track....need we say more?

Blink 182 - 'No Future'

Yes...we have put ANOTHER Blink 182 song in this feature and you know what...we don't care. We try and mix it up as much as possible, but Blink continue to roll out new tune week after week that we just can't get enough of.