5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (22nd May 2016)

There's a lot of new music you just HAVE to hear this week and you've come to the right place to get hold of it.

Anne Marie Alarm

We're quickly running out of time for new music this May but don't you worry, we've got another playlist full of future hits just waiting to be discovered.

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Anne Marie - 'Alarm'

'Alarm' is one of those tracks that slowly creeps into your subconscious and then out of nowhere you realise it is literally one of the best tunes in your music library. Anne-Marie is a pro vocalist who can really sing a catchy hook or two, so what are you waiting for...press play!

Sampha - 'Timmy's Song'

If you're looking for a new euphoric anthem then you are in luck. We might have just stumbled upon an absolute gem of a tune. This single just builds and builds to a fantastic finale.

Salute - 'One More Chance'

Piano and dance beats are two things you ordinarily pair with one another but in the case of Salute, it is an absolute necessity and we are thankful.

Kung vs Cookin' On 3 Burners - 'This Girl'

Pure dance heaven...that is all. Press play and thank us later.

Roy English - 'Wasted Youth'

Remember Alesso's 'Cool'? Well, the vocalist on that tune, Roy English, has his very own music and it is worth listening to right now! If this doesn't make you want to grab a mate and go dancing then we're not sure what will.