5 Songs You Might Not Know About, But Should! (18th October 2015)

Here's your playlist of all those tracks you may not have heard just yet but definitely need to!

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We get it, sometimes you don't have time to find out about ALL the songs you should be checking out. So we thought we'd make your life a LOT easier and put all those budding future hits in one sweet playlist for you.

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So sit back, click play and of course...enjoy!

Stephen - 'Fly Down'

Stephen's 'Fly Down' is a mix of electronic bursts of sound, soothing piano and a voice you could probably listen to for hours upon end. He's from Silverlake, California and you're about to fall in love with his music.

Haley Reinhart - 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

Yep it's THAT song from THAT chewing gum advert. Haley Reinhart has covered Elvis Presley's classic song and everyone's going crazy for it!

Marcus Mouya - 'Sweet Insomnia'

Pure dance heaven. This is one of the dance track we wished we'd known about back in the Summer so we could've enjoyed it whilst sipping on a sweet lemonade in the sun. #Fresh

Mura Masa feat. Shura - 'Love For That'

This is one of those tracks that has two levels. First it hits you because it just sounds so damn cool and easy to listen to but then once you listen closely to the lyrics it's a love song that resonates with a LOT of people. 

Maroma feat. Popcorn & Wale - 'Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice)' 

The 23 year old music producer and pianist from Norway has teamed up with Jamaican singer Popcaan and American rapper Wale to bring us the feel good song we need during a dull Autumn!