This Week's New Chart Songs (22nd November 2015)

Here is your Vodafone Big Top 40 playlist made up of all the brand new entries from this Sunday's show. We've put together all the new releases that have made the countdown.

FormatB Chunky

This week's playlist of brand new songs is full of variety. We've got new entries from a YouTube star all the way to an unknown DJ duo called 'Format:B'.

So without further ado, let's check out who has made this week's countdown.

Do you know EVERY No.1 single of 2015 so far?

No.39: KSI feat. JME - 'Keep Up'

KSI has teamed up with grime stalwart JME for an absolute banger of a tune. These days it's not just pop stars who can bring out sweet music, it's YouTubers too!

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No.34: Eagles Of Death Metal - 'Save A Prayer'

In tribute to the victims of the tragic events that occurred in Paris over a week ago, music lovers have used 'Save A Prayer' by the Eagles of Death Metal to help heal the pain and send out a message of love to the world.

No.33: Format:B - 'Chunky'

Format:B, a.k.a Franziskus and Jakob have given us one of songs that once you hear it you'll have it stuck in your head for a good two or three hours afterwards. 'Chunky' is pure dance music magic...enjoy!

No.6: Adele - 'When We Were Young'

With the release of '25' this Friday, there was absolutely no doubt that a couple of Adele's album tracks would make the countdown and you know what...we're okay with that!