This Week's New Chart Songs (27th December 2015)

Here is your Vodafone Big Top 40 playlist made up of all the brand new entries from this Sunday's show. We've put together all the new releases that have made the countdown.

Shawn Mendes Stitches

Sometimes this can happen, there are so many good songs out there however there is just ONE new entry in the countdown. It's been an incredible year for music and we're going out with a bang with this one new entry...

Let's have a look shall we...

Do you know EVERY No.1 single of 2015 so far?

No.33: Shawn Mendes - 'Stitches'

We've all known this song for a while now but it is finally getting the recognition is deserves! Shawn Mendes has such an incredible voice let alone some serous good looks (what?! we're human too you know!).

Believe it or not Shawn Mendes is the ONLY new entry in the last chart of the year but what a tune!