12 Things We Learnt From Rihanna's 'Four Five Seconds' Video

Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds


We've put together all the things we learnt from Rihanna's brand new 'FourFiveSeconds' music video.

It's an awesome song with three of the most relevant artists around all featuring on it. But apart from marvelling at Rihanna's voice, that distinctive Macca baseline and Yeezy doing his thing, what else have we learnt from the video?

1. Someone needs to tell Paul which way to face when filming.

2. Riri knows how awesome her new music video is.

3. Kanye has no control over his right hand.

4. Peeling onions before the big shoot is a BAD idea.

5. Yeezy invented the new singing technique..'stay as still as you can singing technique'.

6. Even if you are 72 YEARS old, you can still rock out.

7. Never tell Kanye he has a rip in his jacket.

8. Rihanna feels our pain when there are still three more days until Friday.

9. Kanye auditioned for Titanic. I'm the king of the woooorld!

10. Kanye is most definitely hearing a different song to the rest of us.

11. No seriously. It's a slow song and he's moving like it's 'Flashing Lights'.

12. A new supergroup has well and truly been born.