LunchMoney Lewis - 'Whip It!'

LunchMoney Lewis - Whip It! ft. Chloe Angelides


Released: 7th August 2015

We ALL loved LunchMoney's debut single 'Bills', that's just a straight up fact. So imagine our delight when the robe wearing soul man dropped his brand new single 'Whip It'.

In similar fashion to 'Bills', the song is upbeat, original and will DEFINITELY get stuck in your head for the next 24 hours.

Watch the behind the scenes video here:

Collaborating with Lunch on the track is young singer/songwriter Chloe Angelides, whose voice is just too perfect for this track....oh rules.


A photo posted by Chloe Angelides (@chloeangelides) onMay 11, 2015 at 9:05pm PDT