Naughty Boy feat. Beyoncé - 'Runnin'

Naughty Boy - Runnin' (Lose It All) ft. Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin


Released:18th September 2015

Naughty Boy, the producer of the HUGE 2013 hit 'La La La' featuring Sam Smith is back with a brand new single...and it only features the biggest popstar in the WORLD!

Watch the incredible behind the scenes of the now famous music video:

Oh yes, Beyoncé is the latest singing sensation to match up with the London based producer along with Arrow Benjamin in a song called 'Runnin' (Lose It All)'.

Find out which position 'Runnin' (Lose It All)' debuted in its first week in the charts.

The hitmaker started tweeting lyrics to the track days before the release:

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