Taylor Swift - 'Out Of The Woods'

Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods


Released: 1st January 2014 (Album)

Album: 1989

Taylor describes the track as highlighting the 'fragility and breakable nature of certain relationships'. She states that the song helps convey the feeling of 'excitement and extreme anxiety' when you are in a relationship which doesn't feel like you are ever standing on 'solid ground'.

The track itself was written and produced by Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff as well as Swift herself. It couldn't differ more from the first '1989' release 'Shake It Off' with 'Out Of The Woods' channelling the 80s vibe with the use of synths throughout.

When Tay Tay released the audio a LONG time ago she also released a series of pictures on Instagram, the first supposedly taken by Harry Styles:


Tonight at midnight. #outofthewoods #1989

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Taylor adds that although a relationship may be 'full of anxiety' it doesn't mean that its not 'worthwhile, exciting, beautiful and all the things that we look for'.