WATCH: Andie Case's Cover Of 'Hello' Blew Us Away Just As Much As Adele's Original

Adele - Hello (Andie Case Cover)


Adele's 'Hello' has been covered a LOT already, however Andie Case's haunting rendition might be up there with the best of them.

We first discovered Andie Case back in May 2015 when she entered the countdown with her incredible Jason Derulo mash-up of 'Want To Want Me'. The cover was love by fans so much that she actually debuted in our chart in the same week as Jason's original version!

Well guess what? She's back! However this time Andie has taken on one of the year's most beloved tunes...Adele's 'Hello'!

Who exactly is Andie Case? Find out right here in our feature ALL about the YouTube sensation.

Accompanied by a pianist and acoustic guitarist, Andie hits the notes just as perfectly as the Londonder.

Check out the original below...