Ariana Grande Fans Discover Hidden Message Playing 'Breathin' In Reverse

5 September 2018, 16:22 | Updated: 5 September 2018, 17:12

Ariana Grande fans have discovered an incredible, hidden message by reversing the intro of new song 'Breathin'.

At the start of the song, there are muddled-up words being spoken and now we might know what they are...

Fan account @arianavxnti reversed the intro and it appears to reveal a message from Ari's late grandpa, Frank Grande.

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A man's voice says "tonight is your special night, do something magical" and it sounds a lot like her grandpa's.

Take a listen to the evidence yourself - it certainly seems like the Arianators have worked out this Sweetener secret!

Given how distorted the words are in the original, they're bound to be based off a proper recording that's been altered.

Frank Grande was husband to Majorie (Nonna), Joan's father and Ariana's grandfather. Frank passed away on July 22 2014 after a long battle with cancer, aged 90.

It wouldn't be the first time Frank has appeared on one of Ariana's tracks. At the end of her song 'Daydreamin', from debut album Yours Truly, her grandparents tell the story of how they fell in love.

Ariana's latest album Sweetener does have another hidden message on closing track 'Get Well Soon'.

We didn't think we could love the album more but these beautiful tributes have got us right in the feels!