Ariana Grande Has Adopted A Cute Pet Micro Pig

17 September 2018, 12:19

Ariana Grande's Pet Pig

Ariana Grande has revealed she's added a new pet to the family - an adorable, micro pig reportedly named Malcom!

The 'No Tears Left to Cry' singer took to Instagram to unveil her cute little friend.

Ariana is known to be a huge animal lover and already has nine dogs and two adopted goats.

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Now, there's also a baby pig in the family and it's potentially the sweetest thing we've ever seen.

Her latest Instagram story shows the tiny pig climbing on Ari's shoulder and cuddling up to her.

Another story sees the piglet resting on boyfriend Pete Davidson's tummy, suggesting that maybe they adopted the pet together.

According to fans, Ariana has named the pig Malcolm as a tribute to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who passed away last week.