Cheryl's 'Coming Up For Air' feat. Joel Compass Is Awesome

17 November 2014, 16:43 | Updated: 17 November 2014, 16:50

Cheryl has released a video from her 'Only Human Sessions' featuring Joel Compass.

Cheryl has treated us to something special to make our Monday just that little bit better.

The 'Only Human' lady has teamed up with upcoming RnB star Joel Compass for a mellow version of her track 'Coming Up For Air'.

Here's what we know about Joel!

Who is he? 

A London based RnB artist who not only performs but also writes and produces his own music.

What's his story? 

After being offered a place at several universities to study Medicine at degree level, Joel chose the path of music instead. He regards both Lemon Jelly and Jamiroquai as early musical influences on his career after listening to their music as a child.

Will I have heard anything from him before? 

If you haven't then you have an entire EP to check out as soon as you possibly can called 'Astronaut'. It features four bold tracks including the hypnotic 'F***d Up' as well as 'Back To Me', which showcases Compass' ability to hit the high notes.

What's the music like? 

When discussing his upcoming album 'Science' due out early next year (2015), the British singer described it as having a 'really broad spectrum of sounds and genres'. This can already be seen from the young writer's body of work to date; his earlier tracks show a much deeper side to his lyrics and music in comparison to the more recent 'Girlfriends', a track which will no doubt help fill club dancefloors in the next few months.