Master Pianist Chilly Gonzalez Breaks Down Why 'Shake It Off' Is Just SO Damn Good

Taylor Swift: "Shake It Off" - 1LIVE Chilly Gonzales Pop Music Masterclass | 1LIVE


We all LOVE Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' however Chilly lets us all know exactly WHY we have found the song so incredible.

What makes a song catchy? Well Chily Gonzalez is here to tell you exactly why it is such an ear-worm. Comparing the Big Top 40 hit to songs such as 'Fancy' and 'Chariots Of Fire', Gonzalez strips 'Shake It Off' down to its bare bones.

However the best part comes at the very end when Chilly gives us his own beautiful rendition of the song and it blows our mind!