Demi Lovato Wants An Eminem Collaboration?!?

Demi Lovato Performing

Every now and the a collaboration comes around that you just didn't expect. THIS would be one of those.

Rihanna recently bought together Kanye West and Paul McCartney so who are we to ever doubt a possible Demi Lovato and Slim Shady collaboration?

It looks like Demi has her eyes set on the legendary rapper:

"I would love to work with Eminem actually," she said. "I can relate to him with being in recovery and things like that so I think we could make something awesome together."

There are so many reasons why we want this to happen! Eminem has a track record of teaming up with unlikely collaborators. One of his biggest hits in history came when he partnered with British female solo artist Dido for 'Stan'. So who knows? It COULD just happen.