John Legend Thinks Kelly Clarkson Is One Of The Best In The Biz

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson attend the "Enterta

John Legend says exactly what we are all thinking when it comes to Kelly Clarkson

They are two of the hottest properties when it comes to duet partners. John Legend scored a No.1 single with Sam Smith only two weeks ago and now it looks like he's about to score big with 'Run Run Run', a song on Clarkson's new album 'Piece By Piece'.

Speaking to ET Online he revealed, 'Kelly's one of the best singers in the business, I think. When she reached out to me, I thought it was an easy decision. I thought the song was great and it'd be great to reunite with my old friend from Duets'.

The pair performed Ray Charles' 'You Don't Know Me' on the show 'Duets' two years ago. Watch the video below: