Nathan Sykes Has Just Revealed He'd LOVE To Work With Little Mix

Nathan Sykes has revealed that Little Mix are on his wish list for future collaborations as well as another solo singer!

Nathan Sykes' 'Famous' climbed SIX position on Sunday's countdown, beating the likes of Robbie Williams and The Chainsmokers to earn a spot in the coveted weekly top ten.

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Of course, when you have the likes of Mr Sykes in the studio, you can't help but ask a question or two, including who would be one of his dream collaborations.

The 'Unfinished Business' star revealed, "I'd love to work with Charlie Puth. What an amazing person and just incredibly talented". Adding, "he's just the nicest guy on the planet".

However it was when we quizzed him on Little Mix that he truly opened up...

Leigh-Anne had previously stated how Nathan was her favourite current male artist and we think the news went down pretty well, "Obviously I toured with the girls (Little Mix), quite a lot this year which was amazing and they're phenomenal live - they're all incredible individually - yeah, i'd love to do something with the girls".