Who Is Sigala? Get To Know The DJ Behind 'Easy Love' & 'Say You Do'

Sigala - Easy Love


Find out ALL about the man behind the HUGE singles 'Easy Love' and 'Sweet Lovin'.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Sigala, the man behind the No.1 single 'Easy Love' and you know what...he's a pretty lovely guy!

He debuted at No.1 with 'Easy Love back in September above the likes of global superstars Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato. Justin's 'What Do You Mean?' only managed one week at No.1 before Sigala came and toppled the U.S superstar off the top.

Sigala's No.1 single 'Easy Love' spent TWO weeks at No.1

We asked Sigala to describe himself and the mystery behind his name, have a listen to what he had to say...

Check out the incredible follow-up single to 'Easy Love'...'Sweet Lovin''

Describing himself as a 'piano player at heart', Sigala told us about playing his Jackson 5 remix to a member of the actual Jackson family! Apparently Tito Jackson was in the same building as Sigala and wanted to hear the DJs remix of his classic single 'ABC'.

Upon listening to the track, Sigala told us Tito, ' stood up, walked towards me and gave me a hug'. Wow, that's one compliment he won't be forgetting in a hurry.

Not content with grabbing the No.1 with his very first single, Sigala is back with another SMASH hit, 'Sweet Lovin' which is ready to be released early December.

Sigala also bagged his second top spot with his single 'Say You Do' featuring Imani & DJ Fresh! That's now a record of two No.1s out of three releases!

Listen to the exact moment Sigala found out he had notched up his second No.1 single with 'Say You Do'.

So many of you want to find out more about Sigala so we thought we'd answer some of the top searched questions about the No.1 DJ...

Who is the singer in Sigala's 'Sweet Lovin'?

The vocalist on Sigala's 'Sweet Lovin' is Bryn Christopher.

Bryn Christopher sweet lovin vocalist

Where can I hear the song he did with Imani?

Sigala's third single comes in the form of 'Say You Do' featuring Imani. The music video was directed by director Craig Moore.

What is Sigala's real name?

That's an easy one...Bruce Fielder!

How old is Sigala?

Sigala was born on 1st November 1993 which makes him (at the time of writing) only 22 years old!

Is Sigala a boy or a girl? Yup, some of you are actually asking this.

Just look at the photo underneath and we think you'll be able to get the answer.

And lastly...what does Sigala look like?

What does Sigala look like?