Harry Styles Has Finally Dropped 'Sign Of The Times' & It Is PERFECT

Harry Styles Teaser advert 2

Niall, ZAYN and Louis have all gone solo and it is finally time we get a taste of Harry Styles' solo material!

2017 is officially the year of the best and biggest comebacks we could have only imagined in our wildest dreams. Ed Sheeran finally returned to the world of music with his instant classic 'Divide' and now one of his best pals Harry Styles is embarking on his first venture into making it as a solo artist.

Since going on hiatus from One Direction, Harry has been a little busy acting in the epic war drama 'Dunkirk' directed by Christopher Nolan however, it seems Mr.Styles has chosen this week as the week he finally unleashes some new music. 

On Saturday, a mysterious TV ad played out across the UK...check it out below...

More news is expected to be announced on the 7th April 2017 but for now we'll just keep keep an eye on ALL his social media accounts until something new pops up!

> Listen to Harry Styles' 'Sign Of The Times' On Apple Music