Yay! Pharrell's HD Grammy Performance Video Is Here

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Live GRAMMYs 2015)


Pharrell performed an amazing cinematic version of his EPIC hit 'Happy' at the 57th Grammy Awards.

Pharrell, a man who is most likely cooler than the entire audience at this year's Grammys didn't disappoint when it came to his performance at the Staples Center in L.A.

If you haven't heard Pharrell's 'Happy' yet then you are either lying or haven't turned on a radio, T.V or laptop in the last two years. We all know the song backwards by now so Mr Williams decided to mix things up a little bit when performing the smash hit at this year's ceremony.

With a spoken word intro, a mesmerising piano break and a weird yet wonderful cameo from Hans Zimmer, Pharrell once again truly delivered on the big stage.