Shawn Mendes Fans Predict New Song Title & It’s Actually LOL

10 September 2018, 17:24

Shawn Mendes LOL

Shawn Mendes fans think they've predicted his next song title after he keeps tweeting the same thing...

Fans have spotted that Shawn absolutely loves to tweet the phrase... "Lol"!

In fact, Shawn's used "Lol" so much that people are wondering if there's actually some meaning behind it.

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His latest tweet was the worst incident yet, with Shawn simply captioning a picture of himself on stage "Lol".

Fan account @mendessgiirl tweeted: "swear your next song will be called ‘lol’ seriously u use it way too much"

Other fans have joked whether Shawn is secretly teasing the name of his upcoming fourth album, perhaps titled "Lol"?

Looking through his past tweets, it does appear than Shawn just can't help himself using the word.

Luckily, Shawn stan @crazylive has helpfully come up with some alternatives for the 'In My Blood' singer to use...