So Pharrell Got Sued By Marvin Gaye's Family, Could Usher Get Sued By Homer Simpson?

After the jury ruled that Pharrrell & Robin Thicked breached copyright laws with 'Blurred Lines', we think Usher may have to have a quick chat with Homer Simpson very soon.

We learnt yesterday that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams will have to shell out a cool $7 million to the Marvin Gaye estate after their song 'Blurred Lines' was ruled to have striking similarities to the godfather of soul's 'Got To Give It Up'.

Well we had a quick look around YouTube and have found something extremely interesting. Usher's 'OMG' definitely shares some resemblance to Homer Simpson's failed Christmas carol from the episode 'Dude Where's My Ranch?'.

Ok well it's doubtful anything will happen…but still, they ARE pretty similar.