Harry Styles just followed Ariana Grande on Instagram - are they working on a collab?

23 January 2019, 12:42

Harry Styles and Ariana Grande rumoured to be collaborating
Harry Styles and Ariana Grande rumoured to be collaborating. Picture: Getty Images/Instagram: @arianagrande

One Direction star Harry Styles has just followed Ariana Grande on Instagram and fans have a theory that the pair could be working on new music together.

We're not sure why it took till 2019 for this to happen... but Harry Styles has finally followed Ariana Grande on Instagram!

As if that wasn't unusual enough, Harry, aged 24, hasn't actually posted a photo on the app for months now.

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His last Instagram upload was back on July 16th 2018 where Harry thanked fans for coming to see him on tour.

So what's the reason for Harry suddenly following the '7 rings' singer? Well, Arianators have an interesting theory...

Fans think that the reason for Harry following Ariana, aged 24, at last is 'cause they're working on a secret project together.

One fan tweeted: "The last time Harry followed Timothée [Chalamet] on IG we got an interview with both of them. Now Harry followed Ariana."

Another fan had their own explanation: "What if Harry is an opening act for Sweetener world tour. Let me dream at least."

Most had their fingers crossed for a collaboration and it wouldn't be the first time either - Harry wrote Ariana's song 'Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart' for her second album My Everything in 2014.