Zara Larsson New Album: Everything We Know About ZL2's Release Date, 'Ruin My Life' & More

10 October 2018, 12:33 | Updated: 31 October 2018, 16:41

Zara Larsson's second album
Zara Larsson's second album. Picture: Getty Images/Instagram: zaralarsson

Zara Larsson is currently working on her new studio album, the follow-up to 2017's best-selling debut album 'So Good', so what do we know about the upcoming release?

Zara hasn't given too much away yet about her next album, which she's been working on for the last year.

It's expected that the Swedish singer will return with a new single before the end of 2018.

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That means a new album is likely to be released in 2019 so what other clues are there about the project...

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Zara has changed her profile pictures

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Zara has updated her profile picture on some streaming services.

The aesthetic for her first album 'So Good' was pink so will the ZL2 era have a blue tinge?

The first single is called 'Ruin My Life'

In September, Zara revealed on Twitter that the album's lead single is called 'Ruin My Life'.

She's confirmed that the track will be released at midnight on October 18th 2018 and shared the artwork.

The 'Ruin My Life' lyrics are rumoured to include the chorus hook: "I want you to ruin my life, you to ruin my life, you to ruin my life, yeah / I want you to f*** up my nights, yeah."

The singles have been decided

Zara revealed on Twitter that she had until Friday 22nd June 2018 to decide the album's singles.

Things might have changed since then but it's exciting to know that they're potentially confirmed.

There's a feminist anthem

In August, a fan asked Zara if "in ZL2 will we have a feminist anthem?"

The 'Lush Life' singer responded by saying "For suuureeeeee" along with a dolphin emoji.

What Zara meant by the edition of the emoji, we're not entirely certain just yet...

There are no features/collaborations

Back in June, Zara was asked to confirm if there'd be any featured artists on the album.

Zara responded saying "No features atm" but things might have changed since then.

Zara has recorded a song with Tom Walker

However, there is one Zara Larsson collab we can expect to hear soon - with Tom Walker.

The 'Leave a Light On' singer has a track on his debut album What a Time to Be Alive with Zara, titled 'Now You're Gone'.

It's track 5 on the album, which is set to be released on January 25th 2019.

Tom Walker Performs In Berlin
Tom Walker Performs In Berlin. Picture: Getty

Zara is feeling anxious about her new music

In August, Zara took to Instagram to discuss her anxiety about the new album.

The singer revealed that she was disappointed with the production and it got her down.

You can read more about what Zara had to say here