5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (16th October 2016)

October is going pretty fast right? You can always rely on us to be on time with some good new music though.

Au/Ra Press Photo

Online Exclusive

James Arthur made it a HUGE 5 weeks at No.1 this Sunday after fending off new entries from Fifth Harmony, Lady Gaga and Hailee Steinfeld. In fact, he's just two weeks away from equalling Justin Bieber & Bruno Mars' joint record for most weeks at the top!

However YOU are in need of some new tunes and we have got you well and truly covered.

Discover our entire archive of songs you might not know but should really be listening to!

Press play and enjoy these five picks!

Au/Ra - 'Concrete Jungle'

"Concrete Jungle was inspired by taking trips to big cities when I come from an island" Au/Ra explains. "It's about human nature, how we're all connected" (Au/Ra was in fact born in Ibiza and raised in Antigua).

Jamie Lidell - 'Building A Beginning'

NEW soul singers are pretty hard to come by...well we say new, in fact this is the SEVENTH album from British artist Jamie Lidell and we're not sure how he hasn't been in the spotlight before now. He's got a voice that'd make Leon Bridges jealous and a knack of creating the catchiest of hooks...you're welcome. 

Henry Jamison - 'The Rains'

With James Arthur completely dominating the Vodafone Big Top 40, we thought we'd turn our attention to some other acoustic maestros that might catch your fancy. Enter Henry Jamison. Haunting yet beautiful, 'The Rains' drags you through every emotion possible in 5 tracks.

Daughter - 'The End'

Daughter are one of those bands who create a landscape of sounds that you find yourself getting lost in within the first 30 seconds of any song the release. With a penchant for emotionally deep lyrics and intense choruses, 'The End' is a rollercoaster you need to ready yourself for before boarding. 

Crystal Fighters - 'Good Girls'

We've noticed that the playlist this week is pretty heavy! Wow, where did that all come from. Well, there's only one band who can lift out spirits more than any other in the world and that's Crystal Fighters. Let 'Good Girls' whip you up into a feel-good frenzy with ease!