5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (1st January 2017)

You know the hits, you've lived for chart music all though last year. Now it is time for something completely new.

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A brand new year can mean only one thing, new music! Just because it is 2017, doesn't mean that we haven't forgotten to bring you those songs you might have missed.

Discover our entire archive of songs you might not know but should really be listening to!

Time to discover some incredible new music right now!

The XX - 'Say Something Loving'

The xx have a HUGE cult following and with their new album 'I See You' on the horizon, they've been teased once more with another release fresh from the LP. 'Say Something Loving' is just what you need to start 2017 right.

Download The xx's 'Say Something Loving' now.

Leon - 'Liar'

Sweden has produced some of the most memorable artists over the years (yes, we're talking about ABBA of course). However, it is the new breed that are starting to influence the chart, first Zara Larsson and now Leon. With a voice that rivals the best of them, you'll have this on repeat for a LONG time.

Download Leon's 'Liar' now.

Catherine McGrath - 'Say You Love Me'

Catherine McGrath describes herself as 'a girl whose life mainly consists of singing, listening to Country music and eating chocolate'. Now that is something we can get onboard with. If you're looking for some of those old school Taylor Swift vibes then you're in luck.

Download Catherine McGrath's 'Say You Love Me' now.

Mahalia - 'Begin Again'

Her entire LP 'Diary Of Me' is a must-listen if you're a fan of something a little more chilled yet still packs that pop punch. Mahalia's 'Begin Again' is the jewel in the crown of a fantastic album.

Download Mahalia's 'Begin Again' now.

Pheeno - 'Rest'

Wait until the 00:30 mark and thank us later (probably one for those gamers amongst you too).