5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (24th October 2016)

We've only got two weeks left in October but that doesn't mean that we're running out of epic new tunes for you to check out.

Bears Den Dew On The Vine Video

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Believe it or not, James Arthur's 'Say You Won't Let Go' was finally shoved off No.1 spot this weekend by pop power anthem 'Shout Out To MY Ex' by the lovely Little Mix after a five week run at the top.

However we know that you're looking for something a little different today aren't you. You was some NEW music!

Discover our entire archive of songs you might not know but should really be listening to!

Well, we've got you covered, you know that by now right?

Bear's Den - 'Dew On The Vine'

In one fell swoop London rock band Bear's Den have made us want to A. See them live immediately (they've just added some new tour dates next year), B. Listen to their latest album AGAIN and most importantly C. Get out ping pong paddle out and own some table tennis noobs. Behind the brilliant 'Dew On The Vine' video you'll actually find a very special song with lyrics that are a LOT deeper than the video suggests.

Strong Asian Mothers - 'Don't Let Go'

You recognise this song don't you? What is it...you just can't put your finger on it right? It is the ' En Vogue' RnB classic of course! And Strong Asian Mothers have put their trademark glitchy pop flair into this epic cover. You're going to love it.

Woodes - 'Rise'

Woodes' voice alone is enough for you to add this euphoric new tune 'Rise' into your playlist however add to that the beautiful production of the track and you'll be coming back for more and more.

Krusoe - 'Give Up The Coast'

The Oxford-based songwriter Krusoe, describes his music as "hip folk indie hop" and we know exactly why thanks to the title track of his new EP 'Give Up The Coast'. With influences such as indie legends Turin Brakes to electronic maestro Miike Snow, this guy is ready to deliver music that will literally appeal to anyone and everyone!

Saba - 'Church/Liquor'

A lot of you will know Saba from Chance The Rapper's massive tune 'Angels' but guess what, he makes his own insanely dope music too. 'Church/Liquor' features fellow Chicago rapper Noname for that added firepower.