5 Future Hits You Might Not Know, But Really Should! (7th August 2016)

We are into a brand new month which can mean only one thing...brand new future hits!

Liv Dawson Press Photos

Online Exclusive

August is finally here. The official month of the Summer has begun and we have an awesome new playlist of hits you'll no doubt be checking out in the next couple of months (and dare we say some might even be at No.1).

Discover our entire archive of songs you might not know but should really be listening to!

Check out our brand new future hits you really have to hear this week:

Liv Dawson - 'Still'

Ethereal, pace, fresh and original. Liv Dawson's 'Still' is one of those songs you really shouldn't miss out on if you're a fan of any of the following genres: pop, electronic, dance or indie (so basically anything).

RIVRS - 'Falling'

Charlotte and Fin, a.k.a RIVRS have blessed us with this slice of moody pop that you'll have on repeat days on end after your first listen. The future for the London duo is looking bright and we can't wait to see what they get up to next.

Betsy - 'Lost And Found'

We are getting epic 90s feels from Betsy's 'Lost And Found' and we LOVE it. If you're in the mood for something just a little different then this is your best bet today.

Knox Brown - 'Searching'

In need of a little soul? Knox Brown has you entirely covered with the title track from his brand new EP. The Jamaican/British producer's music has 'cool' written all over it. Enjoy!

Tove Lo - 'Cool Girl'

There really is a clue in the title when it comes to the overall feeling we have towards this track. The Swedish singer has given us one of the coolest songs of the year in 'Cool Girl'. We're talking sticking some ray-bans on, sticking this in your ears and walking down the street like an absolute boss.