5 Songs You Might Not Know About, But Should! (6th September 2015)

Here's your playlist of all those tracks you may not have heard just yet but definitely need to including a bright spark from the south of France.

Watermat All My Love

We get it, sometimes you don't have time to find out about ALL the songs you should be checking out. So we thought we'd make your life a LOT easier and put all those budding future hits in one sweet playlist for you.

So sit back, click play and of course...enjoy!

JoJo - 'When Love Hurts' 

Hang on a second...JoJo! Yup, it really is her. It's been eleven years since the world was first introduced to this singing sensation and she's back for more. You just have to hear this slice of pure pop awesomeness.

Watermät, Becky Hill & TAI - 'All My Love' 

Back in October 2014, Watermät charted at No.9 with their breakthrough single 'Bullit' and now they are back! With a little help from TAI and Rudimental favourite Becky Hill, you may have just found your favourite dance track from 2015.

Jain - 'Makeba'

Now hang on a second, we need to start listening to more French artists! All the way from Toulouse in the south of France comes the huge burst of energy that is Jain. We hope you enjoy dancing around to this as much as we did.

Honne feat. Jones - 'No Place Like Home' 

We've featured these guys on our '5 songs' article before but boy do they deserve it. This track comes from their brand new EP 'Over Lover' and gives you those chilled vibes you've been needing to start this September off right.

Kacy Hill - 'Foreign Fields'

We were attracted to this track like a moth to a flame. Wow, the mix of a simple piano trill, haunting vocals and it was a produced by Jack Garratt (we've had a few of his tracks on our '5 songs' before ).