16 Songs, Covers & Albums You NEED To Hear This January

A new year brings a whole host of new songs and here is your only place to get ahead of the times and clue yourself on the latest hits.

Lady Leshurr

2016 is destined to be a year of great music and what better way to start than hand you a fresh new playlist of all those new songs you should be listening to in January.

Can you remember every No.1 single of 2015? Remind yourself right here.

So...let's get down to it!

The Vamps - 'Kung Fu Fighting'

The Vamps + Kung Fu Panda is pretty much all you need to know before you press play. The boys have covered the classic tune by Bus Stop and giving it a rock/pop makeover we can't get enough of.

Kanye West feat. Kendrick Lamar - 'No More Parties In L.A'

This is exactly what we thought a Kendrick and Kanye collaboration would sound like. Wow.

Tinie Tempah - 'Junk Food'

We've been waiting for a while for this but it is finally here. In 2011, Tinie Tempah's album 'Happy Birthday' dropped and we've had to wait four years for his brand new LP 'Junk Food'. Well we can officially announce the wait was worth it.

Fleur East - 'How Deep Is Your Love' (Calvin Harris Cover)

What could be better than an acoustic version Calvin Harris' 'How Deep Is Your Love' sung by Fleur East?! Nothing, that's what!

Taylor Swift - 'Out Of The Woods'

Ok it might not be a NEW song but come on, Tay Tay dropped a brand new music video for 'Out Of The Woods' on New Year's Eve! It has to be in here.

Coldplay - 'Birds'

Fresh off the back of 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', Coldplay bring us the second music video taken from their new album 'A Head Full Of Dreams'. Ladies and gentlemen...enjoy 'Birds'.

Martin Garrix feat. Justin Mylo & Mestro - 'Bouncybob'

You might not be able to take the name 'Bouncybob' too seriously but the song itself has a BIG beat that you need to kick start the 2016 party!

Passenger - 'Everything'

A song as beautiful as this deserves a special video and that is exactly what Passenger has given us. Highlights from his personal 2015 with a performance in front of the Sydney Opera Hosue is just too good.

Lady Leshurr - 'Queen's Speech 5'

Crizzpy! We can't help but smile watching this video from Lady Leshurr. You won't find a more relatable song this year and it has arrived on the very first day of 2016!

Birdy - 'Keeping Your Head Up'

We're getting hints of Florence + The Machine from Birdy's 'Keeping Your Head Up' and that is NOT a bad thing. Those vocals and feel good vibes are just want we need to keep refreshed in the new year.

Flume - 'Skin LP Preview'

It has been four years since Flume's self titled debut album arrived with hits such as 'Holdin' On' and 'Sintra' and we are finally getting some new material from the Australian DJ Flume.

David Bowie - 'Blackstar'


R.I.P to a legend. David Bowie passed away this month leaving the music industry stunned. Why not enjoy the icon's very last album release, 'Blackstar'.

Kendrick Lamar - 'God Is Gangsta' (Explicit Lyrics)

Widely regarded as the greatest rapper of his generation, Kendrick Lamar released this video on his official YouTube account half way through January.

The 1975 - 'The Sound'

Another day, another release from the 1975 full of retro goodness and pure pop trills.

Kanye West - 'FACTS'

Kanye West is back! In 2015, we heard Yeezy's two incredible tunes 'All Day' and 'Only One' however it finally looks like the world's greatest rapper is en route to delivering more and more music this year.

Chemical Brothers - 'Wide Open'

The legends are back with a new single...and just a quick warning. If you suffer from trypophobia (fear of holes)...you're not going to like this video at all.